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By Owais ghori on June 3, 2014

Ramadan Calendar is a chart of timing of fasting and break-fast. It details the timing of beginning of fast i.e., pre dawn to sunset of each day of the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims. During this month the Muslim fast during the day and break the fast at sunset. It is very conspicuous tradition of Islamic Civilization. Usually a buzzer is used to tell the time of ending and breaking of fast. Similarly, the call for prayers or ‘Azan’ is also used as a signal of breaking fast. In the holy city of Mecca, the breaking of time is marked by gunfire.


As the month of Ramadan approaches, different printing presses begin to print Ramadan Calendars. Some are distributed for free, which is being considered reward able, although the publisher and distributors details could be printed on the Ramadan Calendar. The Ramadan calendar is printed like a spread sheet with timing of keeping and breaking of fast of each day. Similarly, some statute of Fasting and Prayers for keeping and breaking of fasts are also printed. Mostly the Ramadan Calendar are distributed freely for getting religious reward or ‘Saab’.


The history of Islamic Calendar begins from the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). When he migrated from the city of Mecca to Medina in the year 622 A.D. Although the calendar began from the time of second Caliph Hadhrat Umar (may God be pleased with him) on the suggestion of Hadhrat Ali (may God be pleased with him). Second Caliph’s reign begin from 634 A.D.


The Islamic Calendar is a lunar calendar. It has 12 months. The first month is Muharram, second month is called, Safar. Third month is called, The first Rabi’ and fourth is called the second Rabi’. Fifth month is named as Jamadi, the first, and 6th month is called Jamadi the second. 7th month is Rajab. The eight month is Sha’ban. It is followed by Ramadan, during this month the Muslims fast. The Shawwal or the tenth month begins with the celebration or Eid (Arabic for Feast or festival). After the month of fasting is over, the Muslims from India, Pakistan, UAE to UK, America and around the world celebrate ‘Eid’. It is similar to Christmas festival. The eleventh month is called Ziqa’d and last month has been named as Zilhajj or the month of Hajj (pilgrimage for the city of Mecca).


The Ramadan is the most celebrated month for its religious value. People get Ramadan Calendar either for free or buy. So get ready to get ready to get your Ramadan calendar. You can also download Ramadan Calendar from the Internet and print it. So every one from around the world and especially India, Pakistan, UK, USA can get Ramadan Calendar for free. So, Happy Ramadan.

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Ramadan calender 2014 US America

Ramadan calender 2014 US America


Ramadan Calender 2014 Pakistan


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Ramadan Calender 2014 India


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Ramadan Calender 2014 Australia


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Ramadan Calender 2014 Canada

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Ramadan Calender 2014 UK London



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